BR 45/40 C Bp (24v battery) Karcher Professional Scrubber drier walk- behind

BR 45/40 C Bp (24v battery) Karcher Professional Scrubber drier walk- behind

Comfortable, battery driven walk-behind scrubber with roller brushes.

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€ 3,950.00 tax excl.


Time saving:
- brush change within seconds,
- As an option: sweeping device (sweeping, scrubbing and drying in one pass),
- As an option: big battery capacity (105 Ah) for a long running time of 1.3 to 1.6 h


- waste water tank easy to clean

Features & Benefits

Easy to use
Self-explanatory icons and a clear control panel make the machine easy to understand, which increases productivity.
One single knob controls all functions, making the machine easy to learn and use.
Few controls make the machine easy to use.

Precise dosage
Includes detergent dosing system (DOSE).
Precisely doses detergent with an accuracy of up to 3% directly to the brush head.
The concentration or detergent can be changed without having to empty the fresh water tank.

Includes bin
Scrubs and sweeps as its cleans; prevents particles from blocking the squeegee and reducing cleaning performance.
High-speed rotating rollers sweep the dirt into the bin using the dust pan principle.
Reduces cleaning time as sweeping prior to cleaning is normally unnecessary.

The water distribution strip is easily accessible from outside for easy cleaning.
The dirty water tank has a large opening and smooth surfaces making it easy to clean.
Rollers can be replaced in a matter of seconds.


Technical data
Working width, brush (mm)
Working width, vacuum (mm)
Tank fresh/dirt water (l)
40 / 40
Max. area performance (m²/h)
Brush rotation speed (rpm)
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²)
Motor rating (W)
max. 1200
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
1155 x 645 x 1115
Battery Voltage (V)
Battery Capacity