Brake Cleaner

Brake cleaner which is fast drying, leaves no residue and is freee of chlorinated solvents or CFCs.

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* Fast drying, leaves no residue. * Contains no chlorinated solvents or C.F.C.s. * Dissolves away oil, grease and dirt with ease. * Economical - C02 propellant ensures 480ml of usable product.


Brake Cleaner is a solvent blend designed for removal of surface dust, grease and oil from brake pads, drums, clutch plates and metal components. For all automotive and engineering uses. Rapid drying ensures that components can be returned to service immediately.


Shake can well. Working in a flame and spark free area spray from 6-8 inches as required onto parts to be cleaned, catching the run off on disposable cloths. May be sprayed onto cloths for wiping metal components if preferred. Place used cloths in an enclosed metal bin to prevent fire hazard. NOTE: Brake Cleaning: Test brakes before returning vehicle to the road. This product is formulated to minimise damage to rubber components, however excessive contact with these materials should be avoided.