LavorPro Comfort XXS 66BT

LavorPro Comfort XXS 66BT

A ride-on floor scrubber drier. Designed for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 3200 sqm.) with a very important reduction of cleaning cost.  Ideal for colleges and schools, sports halls, airports or anywhere with large surface areas to clean

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  • Very compact size and great maneuverability like walk behind models: suited for maintenance cleaning. 32 kg. of constant pressure on the brushes. 
  • Double counter rotating brush (66 cm of scrubbing width) obtaining better stability and constant pressure. 
  •  Great working autonomy (till 4.5 hours) thanks to the possibility to use 4 batteries 6 V 240 Ah and to rear wheel-drive. 
  •  Large load capacity tank (real load of 75 l.), resulting in reduced numbers of stops and maximum use of battery for effective operation of the machine. 
  • Ergonomic steering wheel of new design with user friendly controls and digital display. 
  • Easy access to electrical components. 
  •  Inspection cover for fast and easy cleaning and sanification of dirt water tank. 
  • Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when the machine is stationary. 
  • Self-levelling brush plate. Automatic detergent measuring system.   
  • Great working autonomy thanks to the possibility to use 4 batteries 6 V 240 Ah granting continuous working up to 4.5 hours. 
  • Possibility to use also 2 batteries 12V. 
  •  Less battery consumption thanks to rear wheel-drive. 
  • Large load tanks made of shock and acid proof polyethylene (real load of 75 l.), avoiding frequent stops for refilling.   
  • User friendly control panel. 
  • Steering wheel with digital controls and display. 
  • Squeegee and brush plate mechanical and user friendly lifting lever: min. maintenance cost training time for the users. 
  • Scrubbing unit with double brush with brush plate made of steel for a great pressure (32 kg.) on the floor resulting in an easy and deep cleaning of any kind of dirt.   
  • Rear wheel-drive on 2 wheels allows the machine to get over remarkable slopes. 
  • Detergent solution is cleansed by an external completely accessible filter, that holds any impurities, thus protecting the solenoid valve. 
  • The easy access to all internal components of machines make it possible to reduce maintenance cost.   
  • The comfortable and ergonomic seat allows the operator to work effortless for a long time, improving productivity. 
  •  Its very compact size make it perfect to work in small areas where walk behind models are usually used. 
  • The use of machine makes working easier and quicker with a huge saving of time. 

Standard equipment

  • ·      PPL Brush 0 330mm – 13”


  • ·      Front squeegee blade L960mm


  • ·      Rear squeegee blade L1000mm


  • ·      On board battery charger CBH2D 24V 20A


  • ·      Gel battery


  • Power Supply – 24 V
  • Scrubbing/squeegee width – 660/855mm
  • Max Working Capacity – 3250 m2/h
  • Detergent tank capacity – 75 L/ 19.81 gal
  • Recovery Tank capacity – 75-80 L/19.81 – 21.13 gal
  • Traction - rear wheel drive 400W
  • RPM/ pressure on the brushes – 170 /32kg /70.54lbs
  • Brush motor power – 2 x 400W
  • Max gradient empty/full tank – 13%/10%
  • Depression/vacuum motor –1300 mm H20/400 W
  • Dimensions – 123 x 63 x 121 cm
  • Weight – 234kg