Fabric 'N' Seat

Fabric 'N' Seat

heavy duty fabric and carpet cleaner

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€ 16.25 tax excl.


Heavy duty formula for ingrained dirt Low foam, ideal for extraction machine use. Reodourises as it cleans. Also suitable for use as a pre-spotter


High Performance product for professional use. Formulated for use in carpet extraction machines, suitable for use as a pre-spotter when used neat before the extraction process. Helps to restore the colour and texture of seat and carpet fabrics


The normal dilution is 1 part cleaner to 80 parts of water. This solution must be used in accordance with the machine manufacturer's instructions, taking proper precautions to avoid to avoid shrinkage or other damage. N.B. A spot test on a small hidden area should always be made before starting the main cleaning process. This product is for periodic professional cleaning only and is not suitable for frequent routine cleaning. Over concentration or incorrect cleaning treatment could cause damage. Do not use on sensitive fabrics, such as wool and leather.