HDS 5/11 U - Karcher Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

Competitively priced entry class model of a hot water high-pressure 
cleaner. Innovative "Upright"-Design ensures good mobility and 

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The main benefit of the new "Upright"-class class of hot water 
high-pressure cleaners is the horizontal machine concept.
This ensures low weight, compact dimensions and the ease with which 
they can be loaded and transported.
They fit also easily in vertical position in a station wagon for transportation
from one location to the next. 
Thanks to their compact size, these units take up a minimum of storage 
space when they are not in use.
Large diameter wheels as well as a ergonomically shaped push/pull handle
ensure excellent manoeuvrability and mobility, even on difficult surfaces.

The three-piston axial high-pressure pump has hardened stainless-steel pistons and a brass cylinder head. A pressure switch shuts down the unit automatically when the trigger gun is closed. This relieves the load on components and prolongs their service lives.

High-pressure pump, burner fan and heating oil pump are driven by an electric motor and are combined to form a drive module. This principle not only ensures a very compact assembly and a high power output, it also makes the units exceptionally reliable.

The characteristics of the time-proven Kärcher boiler-technology are 
high performance in a minimum of space while ensuring full compliance 
with the statutory emission limits.

Single-phase unit with air-cooled two-pole electric motor. Three-piston 
axial pump with hardened stainless-steel pistons. 
Chemical feed in low-pressure mode.


Cleaning vehicles and workshops in small companies, such as
- locksmith
- Plumbers, gas-/ heatiung installers
- Painters, floor tilers and plasterer with occasional facade cleaning work 
- General cleaning tasks in the crafts and trades
- small garages, tire dealers
- Building service contractors

Features & Benefits

Central control panel 
One-switch-control for on/off and hot and cold water operation.

Plastic chassis with integrated 6,5 l fuel tank 
Multifunctional, corrosion-proof, impact-resistant and shock-proof 
Chassis with bumper and integrated hose and accessory storage.

Flue gas temperature monitoring 
The flue gas temperature limiter installed in the outlet switches off the 
drive motor if the flue gas temperature exceeds over max. temperature
and thus ensures additional operator safety.

With a max. water temperature of 80°C the machine cleans also subborn 
oily and greasy stains. 
Fine mesh water filter 

The fine mesh water filter on the machine inlet traps suspended matter 
and protects the high-pressure pump from impurities.
Sturdy large diameter wheels with rubber tyres guarantee trouble-free manoeuvrability. This is enhanced by a ergonomic handle, which is 
suitable for pushing or pulling the machine.

Tilting aid 
The tilting aid enables the machine to be tilted to overcome obstacles such as steps, for example.

The fuel tank could be easily refilled, the integrated hook ensures a convenient storage of the high-pressure